Dark Passenger

by The Cliks



Written by Lucas Silveira
Produced by Hill Kourkoutis



Did I see the color red streaming down beside the bed
It’s a lovely shade for you
Should I call you back again?
Make you lover, or, refrain
I’ll be loathed for loving you

And then what will happen if I sin
Open doors to guide you in
To the right seat
Should I let her?
For, if I open up the door
In the back seat you will go
Leaving room for my dark passenger

Now the roses are in bloom
And we live inside a room
It’s a lovely way to be- oh
If decided you should leave
How would I find ways to breathe
Had I not your company

And then what if love is not a friend
And betrays me in the end
Tell me I should just forget her
She smiles but is al the fear worth while
Should I drive a million miles
And take a ride with my dark passenger

And she smiles, and she waits
All the while, I’m away

It’s a lovely shade for you


released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


The Cliks

The Cliks are a band from Toronto, Canada led by frontman Lucas Silveira.


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